The David Thewlis Scrapbook Project

Thank you to a great actor, for a wonderful portrayal of a very loved character

David Thewlis Scrapbook Project
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Welcome to the David Thewlis Scrapbook Project Community!!

--- A Warning To Those Who Are Unhappy With Thewlis (Because they wanted so-and-so) ---

If you still believe Jude Law or Ewan McGregor (or whomever) would be the perfect Lupin - leave now. You're in grave danger. And we do mean grave ;)

--- The History of How We All Got Here ---

ninegal came upon the idea in a thread on The David Thewlis Online Forum. We (that's the addition of me, fangirljen) then started the conversation in its own thread and it was very soon after that we got this community. :)

--- The Why We Are Here---

We are here because we want to show David Thewlis how much we loved his portrayal of Professor Remus John Lupin. Many people have been Thewlis lovers before Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but this movie has done amazing things to his fanbase; just look at the brimming memberships of David Thewlis related forums and communities. :) Old or new fan, if you were completely taken by Thewlis’ portrayal of Remus Lupin, and would like to do something special to express your feelings, the David Thewlis Scrapbook Project is for you.

--- About the Scrapbook ---

Nothing is set in stone yet, so come back later! :-D

--- Don’t Mind Our Dust, but We’re Still Working ---

We are still in the midst of deciding, so expect updates to appearon the website, here, in a community post, and in the thread on The David Thewlis Online Forum very soon. In the mean time, please post your thoughts in the Welcome thread, start your own, or post to the thread at The David Thewlis Online Forum

If you have any questions or concerns that you do not want to voice on the thread or this community, please e-mail us at fanproject @ david-thewlis.com

--- Rules To Live By ---

Now for a couple of ground rules :)

---- Please refrain from posting anything that is not directly related to this Project or to David Thewlis. Community advertisements are allowed, but they also must relate to Thewlis in some way (role-play community advertisements are not allowed).

---- Please do not flame other users. Flaming is not nice and does not belong in this community in any capacity. If flaming does occur, ninegal or fangirljen will delete the posts and/or thread.

---- Community Moderators are ninegal and fangirljen. If you have any further questions, complaints, thoughts, anything, go bug them! :)