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The Low Down!!

Here's the info from our "How To" page of the website. Meant to include it here sooner, but I lost track of time.

//How to participate//
Deadline is August 19th!
Please make sure that whatever you send arrives in time - late submissions can not be accepted nor be returned!

It's rather simple, really.

If you don't know what to send, we have a few suggestions.
your own art
write fan-fiction
send a postcard
pressed & laminated flowers
selfmade bookmarks
This doesn't have be solely Remus-centric; any other character and David himself is fine!

Anything goes as long as it can be flattened.

Once you've decided and finished, send it to us.

If you live in the U.S.:

The David Thewlis Thank-You Project
P.O. Box 12463
Olympia, WA 98508

If you live in Europe email Ceirdwyn ( for details.

People from the rest of the world - please check what's cheaper for you - sending your submission to the U.S. or to Germany.

If you don't send a postcard, please make sure the envelope or package has a name and a snail-mail address on it!

Please refrain from certifying or insuring your item unless they have some real monetary value! We're not going to be able to sign anything.

We really want to credit each and everyone of you. Ensure that there's a name, location, age and maybe an email-address and a short, 2-3 sentences long bio included in a way that makes it easily accessible for us. If you want to include a picture of yourself as well all of this will be added to the scrapbook so David knows who his admirers are.

If you want a written confirmation that your submission arrived, please include a self-addressed stamped postcard inside the package. It will be sent off when the package is recieved. If there's an email-address included, we'll get back to you that way.

If you don't want your stuff to get bent in the mail or the post office box, please include a piece of paperboard to keep it stiff and write "do not bend" on the package.

Whatever data you provide - we'll use it solely for the purpose of this project!

If there are any questions left, don't hesitate to email us at!
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