Ánië Telemnar (margoz) wrote in dt_scrapbook,
Ánië Telemnar

Deadline reached

Okay, the deadline has been reached. We've received many great contributions - letters, drawings, poems - it all looks great, thank you!

And now we'd like to ask you to be patient - there are still some things that need to be taken care of and some more planning to do. Then the things from USA will be shipped to Germany, that might take a few weeks, and then Ceirdwyn and I will start putting and taping it all together.

We will keep you posted on the forums, the fanproject site and here on LiveJournal, so please do not send enquiries about how things are going - it will take a while, but it looks like the book will be ready in October to be sent to David's agent. We will also let you know when we receive notify from there that it has arrived.

Ceirdwyn and I will also post pictures in October, we want everyone to know how it turned out :)
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