a paleogeographic reconstruction (prof_pangaea) wrote in dt_scrapbook,
a paleogeographic reconstruction


Check it out, kids! I finally finished my piece for the scrapbook, and have just sent it out by way of the post office! Ah, well, I don't know what to say about it, I think it should be good. There is drawing involved.
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Drawing is good =D
Did you send your story as well? *g*
I just finished my story yesterday, but no, I didn't send it... for some reason, I found that to be weird. I don't know... it's my first story, and I don't think it's bad (which says something, coming from me, I think most things I produce are utter crap), but after the Lupinalia of my letter (the front of which is an illuminated manuscript type thing), I though maybe that would be a bit much.

Presently, cesario is beta reading the story, after that I figure I will post it to remus_centric; any other ideas? If you'd like to take a look at it as well, I certainly wouldn't mind either -- I don't know if you write at all, but your English is great and I know you love Lupin as much as I do (even though that is seemingly impossible).
Ah. Pity.
People seem not in the mood to send us stories.
It's going to be awesome nonetheless, from what I've seen so far =)

I'd be honored, but I guess a native speaker is definitely better for beta-ing, at least regarding spelling & grammar.

There's also remus_lupin =)