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The Low Down!!

Here's the info from our "How To" page of the website. Meant to include it here sooner, but I lost track of time.

//How to participate//
Deadline is August 19th!
Please make sure that whatever you send arrives in time - late submissions can not be accepted nor be returned!

It's rather simple, really.

If you don't know what to send, we have a few suggestions.
your own art
write fan-fiction
send a postcard
pressed & laminated flowers
selfmade bookmarks
This doesn't have be solely Remus-centric; any other character and David himself is fine!

Anything goes as long as it can be flattened.

Once you've decided and finished, send it to us.

If you live in the U.S.:

The David Thewlis Thank-You Project
P.O. Box 12463
Olympia, WA 98508

If you live in Europe email Ceirdwyn ( for details.

People from the rest of the world - please check what's cheaper for you - sending your submission to the U.S. or to Germany.

If you don't send a postcard, please make sure the envelope or package has a name and a snail-mail address on it!

Please refrain from certifying or insuring your item unless they have some real monetary value! We're not going to be able to sign anything.

We really want to credit each and everyone of you. Ensure that there's a name, location, age and maybe an email-address and a short, 2-3 sentences long bio included in a way that makes it easily accessible for us. If you want to include a picture of yourself as well all of this will be added to the scrapbook so David knows who his admirers are.

If you want a written confirmation that your submission arrived, please include a self-addressed stamped postcard inside the package. It will be sent off when the package is recieved. If there's an email-address included, we'll get back to you that way.

If you don't want your stuff to get bent in the mail or the post office box, please include a piece of paperboard to keep it stiff and write "do not bend" on the package.

Whatever data you provide - we'll use it solely for the purpose of this project!

If there are any questions left, don't hesitate to email us at!
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Do you have a size limit for a piece of artwork? I haven't decided if I'm going to draw something or create something on the computer with Photoshop. Should I just stick to an 8x10 to keep things easy?
If you don't want to fold it to that size, it would be nice, yes =)

I love your icon =D
Hello! I had a few questions - not really too important, more a matter of interest. I emailed this to the fanproject address a few days ago, but my email's been a bit wonky lately as I'm switching ISPs, so I thought I'd post it here as well.

At present, I am giving thought to what I would like to send as my contribution to the scrapbook. Probably a short but thoughtful letter. :)

I do have some questions regarding the actual scrapbook itself, though! Apologies for my depth of curiousity - having studied graphic design, it comes a bit naturally. ;)

I am wondering:

- What the size format of the pages will be & what sort of pages they are; is it going to be a traditional purchased scrapbook with our contributions mounted on existing pages or will it be assembled from scratch? Or, perhaps, will the pages be pocketed (as some people may write on both sides of a page)? Or will our pieces simply be compiled loosely into a covered folder?

(Since I wrote this, I discovered that the FAQ section indicates that our pieces are to be one-sided.)

- Will there be a cover design? (I am assuming yes, as there is a poll regarding its subject matter on the fan project website) Page designs (if our contributions are to be mounted)?

Basically, it's all of the technical bits & bobs of the book's assembly I'm curious about! I'd be more than willing to help out in any regard if needed, though I certainly don't want to seem as though I'm nosing in on your brilliant project at all if you're all set as it stands. :)

Thank you for spreading the Thewlupin love! ;)
~ Stefanie

Thanks! :)
We're just thinking about regular scrapbook sizes. We have a couple ideas, but nothing definite yet.

There will be a cover design. Again, we haven't decided when they poll will end or what not. It may even be an inner page, or something. Still figuring things out. *L*

Ah..well...not much can be said yet. *L*

Thanks for the offer. Appreciated, but we're doing well as we are.
Ah, swell! Thanks for the reply! :D

How has the response to the project been thus far? Have you started receiving any submissions yet?
(I know there's more than a month to go so really really, I'll stop with the questions now!) ::zipit:: ;)
Hmm. I remember that email and even answering it. Some time around Saturday or Sunday.
Did that reply get eventually get through or is it MIA?

Just checking in case it's a problem on our end =)
Nothing came through. :\ It must be lost in cyberspace! I thought it may not have gotten there as we were having problems with our outgoing mail server. We're all switched from DSL to cable now, and I've switched to using the Mac mail server now exclusively and all seems to be well at last. :)

Aww I love your icon! <3 It was so adorable how he said that! :D
Hehe. It definetly was =)
(and I feel geeky guilt to admit that the sound's played on my email-programm every time I get mail. *ducks*)

Thank you for letting me know.
I tried to re-send it, even though it seems as if your questions are already answered ;)
Ahaha that is so cute! I'd be sending myself email on purpose! ;D
I can't seem to access the website at all, it seems to be constantly down. Is it something wrong at my end, or is the site just not working? *confused*
Hmm. Can you try this link and let me know whether that one works for you?
the site is running, but I had a few people who weren't able to access it via for unknown reasons.

That link works fine thank you! Sorry for not replying earlier. *smites RL*
No worries =)
Life seems to be rather bitchy for a lot of people lately.
Glad it works for you!