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cool community!

Hey there! I just joined...the moment I found this community, I knew it was right up my alley.

I was so delighted with David's performance as Lupin...imagine my disappointment when I found a collective groaning of online fans insisting they would have preferred Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, or Ralph Fiennes to play our beloved Professor. (And imagine how embarassed I was to find out David knew about these fans' reactions. *cringes*)

Anyway, I didn't know all that much about David before I saw Prisoner of Azkaban...I sat in the theater staring at him, thinking "I know I've seen him in something else! What movie was it??" Finally, 3/4 through the movie, I nearly blurted out loud: "Omigod, that redhaired jerk from Dragonheart!!" This realization made me even more impressed with him; if he's able to play a complete slimebucket character, then turn around and play a sweet character like Lupin...well I don't know any better description of a good actor. ^_^ I now plan to rent a bunch of his movies -- starting with Naked, if I can find it. I might even consider re-watching The Island of Dr. Moreau. *shudder* (Has anyone else heard, David is writing a book about the terrible experience he had filming that movie? Should be entertaining!)

I think a scrapbook is a fantastic idea. I have an idea that might work for it...I read some of David's poetry and was completely charmed by it...particularly "Love Poem." I was considering creating an art piece that incorporates the text of that poem...something that involves the moon, and possibly a wolf. *grins* I've been taking Photoshop classes, so I might be able to use that to create something neat-looking. What do you think?

This man needs a fanbase! Our Lupin needs some lovin'!! *waves her David Thewlis flag eagerly*
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