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The David Thewlis Scrapbook Project
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Thursday, March 10th, 2005
7:49 am
It took ages (or so it seems)... but apparently, David finally got the book and was dragged to the DTO-boards.
By his mother. Do I hear laughter?! Tsk!

Tehe... anyway....

Drop by at the forums at david-thewlis.com and check the General Chat-section.

Thank you everyone who made this an experience to remember... ;)

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Thursday, October 14th, 2004
8:47 pm
My pictures of the book
In case you haven't seen the thread in DTO Forums yet, here's the link to pictures of the scrapbook Ceidwyn and I put together last weekend. Along with some other pics of my trip, you can just feel free to ignore :)

The book has been sent to David's agent, and if we'll hear anything from them, we'll let you know. The Project site will also be updated soon.

Sunday, October 3rd, 2004
7:00 pm
Since my camera decided to pout no longer - the promised pics

behind the cut for sizeCollapse )

crossposted to the DTO-board and the project's website

Having finally found the time to go through everything properly, there's just one thing left to say: you all totally rock!

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Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
11:12 pm
The website has been updated with a fantastic world-map made by margareta, showing the locations we received submissions from.

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Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
7:58 pm
Just wondering!
Hey peoples! I was just wondering, now that submissions are closed, how everything is looking? Lots of submissions? Lots of crazy, awesome things? Lots of long letters professing undying love and stalkerness? Much art? Many pictures? Etc?

Of course, if you're busy being, well, busy with the project, then my apologies for the interruption!
Thursday, August 19th, 2004
5:40 pm
Deadline reached
Okay, the deadline has been reached. We've received many great contributions - letters, drawings, poems - it all looks great, thank you!

And now we'd like to ask you to be patient - there are still some things that need to be taken care of and some more planning to do. Then the things from USA will be shipped to Germany, that might take a few weeks, and then Ceirdwyn and I will start putting and taping it all together.

We will keep you posted on the forums, the fanproject site and here on LiveJournal, so please do not send enquiries about how things are going - it will take a while, but it looks like the book will be ready in October to be sent to David's agent. We will also let you know when we receive notify from there that it has arrived.

Ceirdwyn and I will also post pictures in October, we want everyone to know how it turned out :)
Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
4:36 pm
Check it out, kids! I finally finished my piece for the scrapbook, and have just sent it out by way of the post office! Ah, well, I don't know what to say about it, I think it should be good. There is drawing involved.
Sunday, August 1st, 2004
5:31 pm
The poll on the cover-design at the website  is now closed and - rather unsurprisingly - the cover will be Lupin-related.

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Saturday, July 31st, 2004
3:19 pm
I've no idea what to say in my letter to David. I feel really silly about this, but... any ideas? I don't want to be insanely fangirlish, but I don't want to seem mechanical in my writing, either. I'm a terrible letter-writer, especially when it comes to celebrities, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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Friday, July 23rd, 2004
8:13 pm
Apparently there's a problem with the outgoing fanproject-mail.
If you've emailed us and haven't got a reply yet, please contact us again via webmaster @ almost-evil.net.
We still have the emails, so a short message with your email-address will do =)

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Monday, July 19th, 2004
8:07 pm
Just a random announcement to remind you that as of today, there's one month left for your submissions to reach us.

If there are any questions left, feel, as usual, free to contact us!

That said, back to your daily schedule =)

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Saturday, July 17th, 2004
11:10 pm
I've a rather stupid question.
I was just checking out the DTFP website, and I notice it says something about including pictures. I know I've read something about this before, but I'd like for this to be cleared up before I send off my submission. Do we send a picture of ourselves, or what? I'd hate to go ahead and send off a picture of my ugly hide when they want pictures of David or something. Hah!

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Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
1:19 am
The Low Down!!
Here's the info from our "How To" page of the website. Meant to include it here sooner, but I lost track of time.

//How to participate//
Deadline is August 19th!
Please make sure that whatever you send arrives in time - late submissions can not be accepted nor be returned!

It's rather simple, really.

If you don't know what to send, we have a few suggestions.
your own art
write fan-fiction
send a postcard
pressed & laminated flowers
selfmade bookmarks
This doesn't have be solely Remus-centric; any other character and David himself is fine!

Anything goes as long as it can be flattened.

Once you've decided and finished, send it to us.

If you live in the U.S.:

The David Thewlis Thank-You Project
P.O. Box 12463
Olympia, WA 98508

If you live in Europe email Ceirdwyn (webmaster@almost-evil.net) for details.

People from the rest of the world - please check what's cheaper for you - sending your submission to the U.S. or to Germany.

If you don't send a postcard, please make sure the envelope or package has a name and a snail-mail address on it!

Please refrain from certifying or insuring your item unless they have some real monetary value! We're not going to be able to sign anything.

We really want to credit each and everyone of you. Ensure that there's a name, location, age and maybe an email-address and a short, 2-3 sentences long bio included in a way that makes it easily accessible for us. If you want to include a picture of yourself as well all of this will be added to the scrapbook so David knows who his admirers are.

If you want a written confirmation that your submission arrived, please include a self-addressed stamped postcard inside the package. It will be sent off when the package is recieved. If there's an email-address included, we'll get back to you that way.

If you don't want your stuff to get bent in the mail or the post office box, please include a piece of paperboard to keep it stiff and write "do not bend" on the package.

Whatever data you provide - we'll use it solely for the purpose of this project!

If there are any questions left, don't hesitate to email us at fanproject@david-thewlis.com!

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Monday, June 28th, 2004
9:30 pm
cool community!
Hey there! I just joined...the moment I found this community, I knew it was right up my alley.

I was so delighted with David's performance as Lupin...imagine my disappointment when I found a collective groaning of online fans insisting they would have preferred Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, or Ralph Fiennes to play our beloved Professor. (And imagine how embarassed I was to find out David knew about these fans' reactions. *cringes*)

Anyway, I didn't know all that much about David before I saw Prisoner of Azkaban...I sat in the theater staring at him, thinking "I know I've seen him in something else! What movie was it??" Finally, 3/4 through the movie, I nearly blurted out loud: "Omigod, that redhaired jerk from Dragonheart!!" This realization made me even more impressed with him; if he's able to play a complete slimebucket character, then turn around and play a sweet character like Lupin...well I don't know any better description of a good actor. ^_^ I now plan to rent a bunch of his movies -- starting with Naked, if I can find it. I might even consider re-watching The Island of Dr. Moreau. *shudder* (Has anyone else heard, David is writing a book about the terrible experience he had filming that movie? Should be entertaining!)

I think a scrapbook is a fantastic idea. I have an idea that might work for it...I read some of David's poetry and was completely charmed by it...particularly "Love Poem." I was considering creating an art piece that incorporates the text of that poem...something that involves the moon, and possibly a wolf. *grins* I've been taking Photoshop classes, so I might be able to use that to create something neat-looking. What do you think?

This man needs a fanbase! Our Lupin needs some lovin'!! *waves her David Thewlis flag eagerly*

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6:30 pm
Hihi! I am new to the community, and I simply loved David in "POA"! I was hoping to get recommendations on what other David flicks I should check out! I am renting "Total Eclipse" this week sometime! ;) Gimme your ideas on other to rent please. :):):)

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Friday, June 25th, 2004
7:11 pm
Me to you
Hello yall. I’m also new to this community and thought I’d speak out to the world.

I’ll start off by saying that I really (no I mean REALLY) had my doubts when I heard Mr. Thewlis was going to play Lupin, but I guess I was just scared beacuse that all went out the window when I saw the film and I left completely content and excited over this portrayal of our favourite teacher.

I think this scrapbook idea is a damn good one and I would love to contribute, although I have not a freaking clue what I shall do (ideas??) I will try and send off something before the deadline.

Those are my two cents
Ideas? Ideas? Whose got ideas??

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Thursday, June 24th, 2004
11:36 pm
Hello everyone..I'm new to this community, and I must say I think that this is such a lovely idea to give David Thewlis a big thank you and the recognition that he very much deserves :)

A little about myself, my name is Elizabeth...I was actually quite pleased to hear him cast as Remus Lupin, despite any personal thoughts on physical appearances, etc. Though I haven't seen too many of David Thewlis' works previously (mainly because most were too old for me to see at the time) I had known his name ever since I was a little girl, for he was in WB's 1994 remake of Black Beauty, which was one of my favorite movies, if anyone remembers that one..! I thought that Lupin was quite fitting, as in Black Beauty he played another kindly and endearing character as Jerry the cabdriver.

At this point I have NO idea what I could possibly do for the scrapbook...I'm an artist, though I'd have to think of what I'd do.. (any clever ideas..? ^^) I also like doing amusing picture montage annecdotes..so there may be something as well. Anyway, I'll think about it, but I would like very much to participate :D
Friday, June 25th, 2004
12:24 am
We've added banner & button for both this community and the website over at the site under Links.

Feel free to grab one of them.

And thank you fangirljen and Virwulf Ravenkill for the work =)

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Monday, June 21st, 2004
2:13 pm

As promised earlier, we're very happy to announce the URL to the website.


It should contain everything you need to know; addresses, restrictions and a few ideas of what to send.

If there are any problems regarding the site or questions, please contact us either via the email given on the site, post them as an answer to this thread or visit the David Thewlis Messageboard.

Thank you to everyone for your suggestions regarding the project. =)

Deadline is August 19th.

Feel free to repost the link.

If you have any problems with the link above, please try this one

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Thursday, June 17th, 2004
11:06 pm
David Thewlis!
YES! I love this idea, because I love David and have argued many times to my best friend that he's the perfect Lupin. Anyway, I hope this post is OK.

To show my support, I made some icons!Collapse )

Comment and credit if you take any, but PLEASE use! =)

Because we <3 DT!

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